Diabetes Reversal


Looking for an AYURVEDIC solution for your elevated blood sugar levels?

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Being diabetic changes our world. You wish you had never been diagnosed with the one.......OR....... there must be some magic spell that may REVERSE your diabetes............

You know what? “Ayurveda has that MAGIC”.

YES, Diabetes can be Reversed with the AYURVEDA. The glucose levels can go to normal and insulin resistance can be Improved.

But, What Exactly Diabetes Is?

According to modern medicine, it is relative insufficiency of insulin. Insulin is prime factor for glucose transport. Sometimes, due to various factors, Human body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin; as a result, non-transport of glucose from bloodstream to intracellular space turns into the elevated sugar levels. And a person with this sign is obviously a diabetic one.

Ayurveda has an accurate, deeper and systematic approach towards diabetes by providing 20 different classifications .Four related to “Vata”, Six related to “Pitta, and Ten related to  “Kaph”; therefore the stages would slightly differ accordingly. If “Prameha” (Obstinate Urinary Disease) is not treated at micro level, it leads to “Madhumeha” OR Diabetes Mellitus OR Type-2 Diabetes. However, we may call the 3 common stages to categorize the severity viz. Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, and Complications of Diabetes.

What are the symptoms?

In pre-diabetic individuals, excessive production of urine, sweat, and ear wax are primary symptoms. In some cases, presence of excessive hunger and thirst can be observed. Moreover, a burning sensation in the soles and palms, a feeling of sweet taste in the mouth, along with drowsiness confirms the pre-diabetic conditions. Sometimes, an individual does not experience any of these symptoms; however, routine blood check-up or pre-operative work-up detects surprisingly high sugar levels.

How Ayurveda deals with the “Madhumeha”?


Diabetes treatment is type-dependent, but an individual’s diet and lifestyle management can supersede over drugs. If you’re 40 plus, then closely monitor your supper, a slight modification changes the results. However, an addition of appropriate pickles made-up of “Saindhav salt” (Sendha salt/ rock salt) and “Lakdi Ghana Oil” (cold pressed oil) is preferred, if you’re not hypertensive.

Moreover, 45 minute pre-supper walk and 10 minutes post meal walk is the best  the lifestyle management approach for  REVERSAL of Diabetes. 

When it comes to dietary supplements and herbs, they differ as per individual requirements, but following a prescribed routine is helpful.

If blood sugar management is our goal, then Capsule "kalpnaath"  and Capsule "Kapittha" are our choice of dietary supplements. If your demands are high about your muscle mass, then we can add Capsule " Atibala " If you want your cheeks to look plump, you may consider taking this capsule at bedtime.

If you notice dark patches on your skin or experience skin dullness, then the combination of Capsule “Saumya”, Capsule “Vijay”, and Capsule “Shriparn” is good for you. In addition to that, recurrent skin infection and soft tissue infection can be treated best by Capsule “Shirish”.  

If you’re suffering from recurrent fungal infection, then Capsule “Tanutwak is recommended.

If you experience excessive hunger and putting weight, then Capsule “Yugmaphalottama” and Capsule “Parjanya” is here to help. In these cases, Capsule “Kapittha” is used to treat your high sugar levels along with Capsule “Kalpanath”

Increased frequency of urination in diabetes is a key problem, so we recommend Capsules “Rajaphala” and Capsule “Savyasachi”. And for your information, as per our anecdotal evidence, this combination is good for nicotine de-addiction, too.

Adolescent girls suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD), Capsule “Gadaghna” and Capsule “Gandhapushpa” are best solution.

If you became immunocompromised during these testing times Capsules “Kalpanath” and “Atibala” will be there to boost your immunity.

Ayurveda provides with a thorough knowledge of many such treatments. More information will be brought into the picture as and when required.

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In the END, it is not just you looking for the way out; the entire world is waiting for that “MAGIC” to happen with it...

Thanks for the patient reading. 

*Disclaimer: The information here is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please use this information in consultation with your healthcare provider. Partial or complete reproduction of this information is not allowed without prior permission. This information may sound anecdotal but this is an effort aimed at better health of mankind. 



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