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Ayurveda for Beautiful Hair

Beauty lies within your hairs. A suitable hairstyle makes you more confident and presentable; right! However, excessive hair loss seems to be the prime obstacle for most of the people, and naturally followed by the though…….

…….”Can it be preventive?”...….. 

DON’T WORRY! We understand your concern.

Damaged hairs are now a huge socio-economic burden. 

Let’s have a look what Is Hair Loss? What could be the reasons? Is it hereditary OR it just is a medical condition?

In medical terminologies, hair loss is alopecia. In this disorder your hair follicles are under attack by your own immune system due to poor nourishment; therefore we evidence a sudden decrease in hair volume or baldness or scalp visibility. Ayurveda defines it as a “Tridoshjanya Vyadhi” i.e. imbalance in Vata, Pitta, Kapha prakruti. It can be just a matter of time OR may be a permanent problem.

A typical reason can be a hormonal imbalance due to stress or pregnancy; however, you must be sure of your family history because in some cases, it might be hereditary. It strictly is gender specific; as male-female shares a diverse genetic make-up. Sometimes medical conditions like chemo treatment, scalp infection, excess androgen levels, and inadequacy in blood components (“Rakta Dosha”) contributes to massive hair damage.

Ayurveda is here to help you. Ayurveda has supremacy more than just healing. Its’ holistic approach has an art to slow down the early aging. Ayurveda medicines are great to keep hair damage under control. 

Do you want to know HOW?

Here the secret lies within “bowel wellness”. It does not just start from evacuating bowels before sunrise and ends with an early supper. Simply start your major meals having a tablespoon of “Amla” and “Licorice” with a dash of “Saindhav” (a kind of salts). Moreover, if a weakness in your bones or spine concerns you; then just add a tablespoon of “Panchatikta Ghrut” to this regimen.

Our “Yoshitpriya Capsules” are the perfect solution for your Androgenetic alopecia (excess androgen levels). Plus, these capsules will nurture your hairs as regular oiling does. Now your lifestyle can not stop you from cherishing them.

Sometimes the excess baggage of fat prevents the nutrients from nourishing the hair follicles. Here, you need a Transporter and a choice of the herb is “Ravipriya”.

These days premature graying is another big concern, so we advise having a few drops of “Gorakhumundi Oil” with the milk as a prime remedy. 

If you are lacking some components of white or red blood cells, then herbs of choice are “Amrut” and “Saumya”. If your Thyroid gland is underperforming, then herbs “Balada” and “Sharada” suit you best.

If stress is your concern, make a habit of “meditation”.

See, Ayurveda has a bunch of simple solutions for all your anxieties related to hair fall and hair damage, and that too without any side effects. 

Are you more curious about this?

Should you require further information, contact your doctor OR 

Let us know. We will try to elaborate. 

This is your Life time crown, wear it proudly; and feel all the courage to step into the world you want to build for yourself. 


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