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As per research published by Oxford University in journal of infectious disease (full citation available in reference of this article), Simulated Saliva and Sunlight rapidly deactivate SARS COV-2, This explains importance of Sunlight and healthy saliva.

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Why spiritual Ayurveda ?

Although Ayurveda is as old as human civilization, refinement in our diet and lifestyle warrants updated healthcare practices. Moreover,  rampant use of fertilizer and pesticides has resulted in decline of natural immunity. This scenario makes it mandatory to make Ayurveda practices modernized and faster acting to suit today's fast lifestyle. 

Thanks to developments in herbaceuticals,  we can check status of active ingredients from correct medicinal plants, leaving no scope for adulteration by middlemen. This way we minimise dosage and speed up recovery. Moreover,  we stay far away from hazardous heavy metals and toxins. 

As active principles are safely enveloped in pure vegetarian capsule shells,  we are free from bitter taste and unpleasant odour of active ingredients. This makes treatment palatable and enhances treatment adherence and minimize dropouts. 

These industry leading practices reward us with good results even in stubborn diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes,  hypertension,  celiac disease, spondylosis,  arthritis, skin diseases and so on...

We extend our warm welcome to you to experience our faster acting Ayurveda